Can someone help me with this background? (I'm on my laptop)

I am currently in the car, on my laptop and I dont have my phone, so I cant do what I want to this background. If anyone can do it for me or if you know any websites that can, please lemme know below.

What I need done to the bg:

  • a day version of this background re sized
  • This background re sized
  • This background but with the light off


a 2 zone background correct? and you need 2 different versions of this?

Idk if these would work but I made them 2 zone because I also wasn’t sure which size

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Sorry girl I was already attempting to make it before you commented but mine may not even be what she was looking for anyway lol we shall see :eyes:

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i think yours is exactly what shes looking for.


THANK YOU!!! This is exactly what I needed :heart_eyes: @christyy @Elaina2

thank you