Can someone help me with this coding error?


I think you should replace option 1 with some other dialouge

Edit: dropped an incorrect statement about outfit previewing. Odd that script command list uses @CHARACTER previews outfit_name … I trusted you! :sob:

This is probably tripping ya up too, 201 looks like it’s missing a character name.

And a pro tip: You can delete the lines with the hashtags in them and all the olive-green words, they’re just comments, they don’t contribute anything. So you can keep them or delete them, up to you. :slight_smile:

Numbers can cause errors in the script, try “Option one”


Using the preview feature:

Yep, they are :+1:

Actually, option 1 is fine to write.


line 201 @stands screen center is not a valid command there must be name of the character
@TANA stands screen center
line 210 delete this line there should not be spare line between the word choice and “Option 1”

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This is not true. She can have number in name of choice.


Farah I gave you a tip here:

I saw you were typing up something to me but stopped :thinking: Anyways I hope you take this advice, remember not to repeat what has exactly been said too much :blush:


I found the solution. Thanks to all that tried to help.

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