Can someone help me with this coding?

Hi so I want to make another duplicate of the MC and I know how to make the duplicate but I want to make some changes to the duplicate of the MC like this

The MC is the one with the wavey ombré hair style and the duplicate is the one with the pig tales. So I’m wondering what coding do I use to make small changes like that. Please help :heart:


You’ll need to create a second character in the portal, one that is the main MC and one that is the duplicate with pig tails.

If you’re including CC, you can have the duplicate match the MC with code similar to the below:

First, CC the MC. Then, match the duplicate character to MC:

#Your CC goes here
@MC2 becomes MC

Lastly, make the changes you’d like to to the duplicate character (change hair, etc)

@MC2 changes hair into Full Pigtail

And then you can direct them as normal in scenes.

@MC2 is idle_bounce_happy_loop
Believe it or not, that’s me.

@MC is flirt_wink_happy
I couldn’t care less.


This code works best if you’re letting readers CC the MC. If there’s no CC, you can just have the MC change hairstyles with every scene.

So at the start of a scene with pigtails, you can have the code:

@MC changes hair into Full Pigtail

Just remember to change her hair back.

@MC changes hair into Short Wavy Ombre


Omg thank u so much u r the best :heart::grin: