Can someone help me with this error I have when trying to do the closet dress up?


I borrowed @Dara.Amarie 's closet dress up and I’m in need of serious help . Can someone help me, thx


It should be
} “Black Pajamas” {

That starting bracket on the very next line should not be there, it should be right next to “Black Pajamas”



Hold on, are you trying to do just 1 simple dressing game? It looks like you altered the whole template which has caused quite a few errors.


Yes , I just want her to be able to switch to 2 pajamas. The red pajamas or the black ones.


Ah then you should be using my other template instead:

The closet template is for categories of clothes.

P.S. If you ever need help with any of my templates or guides, you can always just send me a private message :slightly_smiling_face:



thanks, I will start doing that.


Gain names cannot have spaces. They need to be just 1 word with only letters, numbers, and/or underscores



You must have taken out or accidentally deleted the ending bracket right before that. It should look like this:

} "Black Pajamas" {


So the bracket underneath gotodressin_game_1 doesnt need a bracket underneath it?


That one stays because it closes that choice. You just need to add one right next to “Black Pajamas”


You can have a choice within a choice?


Yes! It’s called nested choices I believe. :slight_smile:


Huh, very nice


Hi @RudeInception! It look’s like you got lot’s of help from the community! Can you please confirm if your issue has been resolved? Thanks! :vulcan_salute:


Um yes thanks lol



Great and thanks for the update! Resolved and closing thread. Mage Powers :mage: aaannnnd ~Closed~