Can someone help me with this overlay

Hi guys! I need help, I want this overlay but just the letters…so I do not want the red background. Hope you can help! :blush:

I could! For future reference though, You could use the Pics art app

Ok thanks! Mm I know but my phone is broken so I can’t :frowning:

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Would you need that exact font or would it be okay if I found a similar one if I can’t find that font?

you can take another one if you want to

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But I want the same colors

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Sure thing!

Hey sorry for the inconvenience, but the image won’t send as a png. I can still get it done, but only tomorrow morning (around 7:30 est) as I don’t have access to another device rn

If that’s too long to wait I can tag a couple people that could help?

It’s ok. Take your time :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Sorry again x

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Here you go!

(Just tell me if you’d like anything changed)

Sorry for the late reply! I love it though, and thank you so much! :heart:

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No problem x