Can someone help me with this scene? (Line)

I want my characterS to do an animation meanwhile another is doing another animation, but the characters in line 128 don’t seem to do it?

Change the @ to &

If I’m not wrong lol :joy:

I tried it but it didn’t work :confused:

Try changing the JASON’s “&” to “@” this…
as you are doing everything without giving time for the character…
And if you want the characters to do this at the same time then change the…

&JASON is hug to “@JASON is hug”

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It worked! Though It’s confusing how it affects the other characters & not that character that is with the &

Like this.

&ROMAN is talk_repulsed
@DAVEN is talk_repulsed

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Well yeah you have to give time to the character to finish it before they start another animation…
That is why it wasn’t going as you planned it…
And yes it will affect the character that is after the character with the & sign.

Your problem is that your script originally lacked pauses to go with your & signs.
Not giving the character ROMAN (maybe you have DAVIEN on that line also) time to reach/play out his 3.0 walk, before he was forced into talk_repulsed animation.
This ends up making the SE confused and unclear of what you want - do you waant a walk/move or an animation so it ends up doing neither.
It also made JASON go into his hug before the other character has reached their new destination.
ROSALINDA’s dialouge also created a pause, because it has the reader decide when the SE should contionue on the next line of the script.

The difference between & and @ is basically time
@ has it, while & doesn’t.
& will tell the SE automatically continue into the next line in the sctript without any pause, no matter what comes after, dialouge or animation or a written pause. This means that when you tell a character to walk somewhere or do something, ex an animation by using the & sign you needs to add a pause for how long you want the SE to stop reading your script. In your case @pause for 3.0

With @ there’s already a pause included, because it tells the SE to do that lime of script fully before reading the next line. So when you changed your & to a @ you automatically put in a pause in your script.

Hopefully this helps you understand why changing the & sign of JASON to a @ helped.

Happy coding.

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