Can someone help me with this Script template?

I tried to put them in the right place and add zooms, but it isn’t working, can someone add some zooms and fix the spot directing.

@zoom reset
@BGMALE1 spot 0.497 514 332 in zone 3
@BGMALE1 faces left

@BGMALE2 spot 0.506 467 324 in zone 2
@BGMALE2 faces right

@BGMALE3 spot 0.974 391 36 in zone 3
@BGMALE3 faces right

@BGMALE4 spot 0.893 121 144 in zone 1
@BGMALE4 faces left

@BGMALE5 spot 0.884 52 157 in zone 1
@BGMALE5 faces right

@BGWOMAN1 spot 0.614 341 290 in zone 2
@BGWOMAN1 faces left

@BGWOMAN2 spot 0.695 809 273 in zone 2
@BGWOMAN2 faces right

@BGWOMAN3 spot 0.893 203 160 in zone 1
@BGWOMAN3 faces left

@BGWOMAN4 spot 0.956 46

Bgwoman4 isn’t a good spot…

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Fix BGWOMAN4, it’s kinda cut off, that might be it! Also you could do “BGWOMAN3 spot (ect) in zone 1 AND BGWOMAN3 faces left” It kinda makes things cleaner imo. Hope that helps! x

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Let me check

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