Can someone help me with this zoom issue?

Can someone tell me if this code works in particular the bold one? Or what can I change to make it work? I’m going crazy

&ROGUEF1 spot 0.963 258 147 in zone 1 and ROGUEF1 faces left
&CHLOE spot 0.934 -27 161 in zone 1 and CHLOE faces right and CHLOE moves to layer 2
&zoom on 7 366 to 293% in 0
@cut to zone 1

@CHLOE walks to spot 0.934 64 167 in zone 1 in 2 and CHLOE does it while walk_worried_loop THEN CHLOE is idle_awkward_scratch_loop

@zoom on 320 386 to 315% in 0
@ROGUEF1 faces left and ROGUEF1 is think_rubchin

ROGUEF1 (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Look who decided to join us!

@zoom on 7 366 to 293% in 0
@pause for 2

&ROGUEF1 is idle
&ROGUEF3 is idle_sit_leanback_unimpressed_loop
@ROGUEF2 faces left and ROGUEF2 is idle_sit_armcrossed_unimpressed_loop

@zoom on 119 318 to 557% in 1 THEN pause for 1.5 THEN zoom on 206 317 to 557% in 2 THEN pause for 1.5

&ROGUEM1 is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop and ROGUEM1 faces left
&ROGUEM2 is idle_bounce_happy_loop
@ROGUEF4 is idle_bounce_happy_loop

&zoom on 390 407 to 316% in 0 THEN pause for 1.5 THEN zoom on 546 402 to 316% in 1.3 THEN pause for 1.5
@cut to zone 2

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Have you tried this kind of code in any other chapter?

I saw that you put something similar before:

But I want to know if, in case you have code this way in other chapter, Did it actually work? :thinking::eyes:

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Yeah, in that other line it works :pleading_face:

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I guess the difference is that in the first one:

You used “@”
And in the second “&”
Why don’t you try changing the “&” to “@”
Orrrr try putting them in separate lines

&zoom on 119 318 to 557% in 0
@pause for 1.5
&/@zoom on 206 317 to 557% in 2
@pause for 1.5

Remember that, when using “&” the action after the zoom (in this case @pause for 1.5) will be immediately executed, that’s why it doesn’t work! Idk, It’s a guess but try this ways and see if one of them works the way you want!

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I used the & because it has to change zone
And if I use:
@cut to…
It will zoom and then change zone.
And if I use
@cut to…
Then there will be a second where the zoom isn’t right
Idk if I can explain it better :see_no_evil:

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I’ll probably change it all

Thanks for helping :sparkling_heart:

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In this case, first place the zone, then the zoom with an “&” and see if this works

@cut to zone 2
&zoom on…

Sometimes we gotta play with how we order the coding and all that stuff! If you have any other doubt or if it hasn’t worked out yet you can PM me and I can help you figure it out (:

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@Sydney_H or @Nick, can you close this please?

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