Can someone Help me with this

It says Error 67 on the top of my preview

do you have any errors in the script?

No, only about my new background I just uploaded

Was the background approved yet?

try to refresh the page


No, but I already get that

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It’s still there

If it hasn’t been approved yet it will keep saying that till it is approved mine does that

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can you show me your script?


on which line the error appears?

None. It just wont preview

Go on the episode app and then you can preview it

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hmm… I don’t see anything wrong with your script, @kw.episode maybe you have an idea what can cause this error in the preview? :thinking:



Is it not previewing in the app or previewing in the portal?

From the script, it looks like you’re panning to zone 3 after a zoom reset (which I’m assuming, please correct me if I’m wrong) under that background that hasn’t been approved yet. Even thought you reset your zoom, it’s possible you’re unable to see the background because your cover may not have 3 zones, and may just have one.

Again, please correct me if I’m wrong since I have no idea how large or small your cover is!

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It’s not previewing in the portal.

Now showing up like you’re stuck on the loading screen (the Episode loading screen) or your background itself isn’t showing up?

Like I said above, it might be because your cover is not a 3 zone cover, and just the one zone (in which case you do not need to pan, you can just keep a zoom reset).

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error 67 coming up… this new preview is doing my head in :weary: I had all kinds of number today, but not this one :joy:

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It honestly might just be a portal glitch, which wouldn’t surprise me cause I’ve had tons of them this week. I had to take a break from coding because I was about to scream. X__X