Can someone help me with title ideas, please?

Hello guys, :wave:t3:

I’m in need of a title for my story, can anyone help? Below I have attached the story blurb and some extra information. :grin:

Any help and/or suggestions is/are much appreciated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lengthy Story Blurb:

  • As your beloved grandfather lies on his deathbed, he informs you of a terrible crime he committed and got away with many years ago. He also tells you that his freedom was the result of a spell that was cast on you, and that you now posses unlimited power.

Adapted/Shortened Story Blurb:

  • The preppy & popular Sienna Westbrook has got it all, that is until her dying Grandfather reveals a life-threatening secret. Now in possession of multiple powers- she really has got it all!

The Plot:

  • Every school has a gorgeous ‘Golden’ girl, and Sienna’s used to dealing with jealousy, drama and a great deal of rivalry but- never before has she dealt with the death of a loved one, or gaining limitless powers that soon lead her into plenty of trouble…

  • After her late Grandfather passes on, she inherits powers- due to a curse that was set upon her because of her troublesome Grandfather, in his youth. After having her house raided, her father shot in the head, and the entire school gossiping about her misfortune- Sienna descuides to run away. Little did she know that she’d run straight into her saviours hands…

Extra Details:

  • The story falls into the Drama, Fantasy & Action categories with touches of Romance and Comedy.
  • It is emotional and at first the MC (Sienna Westbrook) is naive, witty, opinionated and a bit of a feather head; nevertheless throughout the story she becomes smarter, stronger and learns to use her fiery temper in the best way she can.
  • There is a love triangle! :clap:t3:
  • There are also many plot twists…

Hopefully, all of that was helpful in one way or another. :joy:

Many Thanks,
Ari x

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First let me start off by saying your story plot is truly one of a KIND… I LOVE IT
Maybe it could be called

  1. The life I never wanted
  2. Powerful and broken
  3. Lost, broken , and loved
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Okay I know this one is very dumb, I just wanted to include it lol:

  • Unfortunately fortunate

That’s it! Thank you! :clap::clap::clap:
Okay, jokes aside, maybe something like:

  • The troubled and the cursed
  • The curse laid on me

These are just like formattings or whatever that you can follow and change as you’d like ex.: The troubled and the cursed becomes The criminal and the punished or The curse laid on me becomes The powers I never knew I had.

Just ideas :wink:

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Hello, :wave:t3:

Thank you so much, you are so sweet- that actually means the world to me. :slight_smile:

Alos, Thank you for you’re awesome suggestions! They were very helpful. :heart_eyes:

Lots of love,
Ari x

Hiya, :wave:t3:

All of them are great, thank you for the ideas and for replying. :star_struck:

I actually love the sound of ‘Unfortunately Fortunate.’ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Best Wishes,
Ari x

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Ones I think would fit this story are:

The Loving Curse (only if she grows to love her curse/powers)
Curse of the Golden Girl
Misfortunate Luck
Whispers of Greatness (this might fit if there are rumours going around about her curse)
Enchanting Me (multiple uses in the sense of “someone is enchanting me” and “who wouldn’t fall for an enchanting me?”)
The Perfect Hex (because “she really has got it all!”)
Golden Girl Jinx

Yeah I hope you don’t cringe too hard at some of these and I hope maybe some of them helped :slight_smile:

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Hey, :wave:t3:

I didn’t cringe at all! They are all amazing, and you are so articulate. Thank you so much for you’re help, and for replying. :innocent:

Lots of love,
Ari x

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Hello.Some Suggestions for the title of story are as follows : 1) Inherited Curse, 2) Superpowers of Sienna, 3) Curse or Boon. Sorry in advance if you didn’t like my titles. I suggested them first time on forum😋

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Hello & welcome to the forums, :wave:t3:

I loved you’re titles- thank you so much for suggesting such brilliant ideas. :clap:t3:

Welcome to the episode community, I’m sure you’ll love it. :heart_eyes:

Many Thanks,
Ari x

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You are Welcome @Ariana.Episode. I am happy that you loved my suggestions :heart_eyes:

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