Can someone help me with why it keeps doing this?

So in Chapter 7 I want to do a flash back for Summer, Lisa, and Dave’s childhood, but I want in and made characters and named them YOUNERSUMMER, YOUNGERLISA, AND YOUNGERDAVE. But I wanted to change there hair style for this and it would not let me…It keeps going back to what the normal Characters have. I don’t understand why, is there way to make it stop?

Have you tried [NAME] and @CHAR changes hair into insert hair name here ?

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It was in when I was making them it wouldn’t let me make there hair what I wanted to.

Show me the part of your script where you’re getting the error. :thinking:

I’m not getting a error. When I make the characters its doing it. Like 3 of my Characters in the story are Lisa, Summer, And Dave and I wanted to do a flash back to when the three of them are younger so I want in and made characters from when they were younger, I put YOUNGERLISA, YOUNGERSUMMER and YOUNGERDAVE. I wanted everything the same on them but there hair style but it keeps giving them in the create you character the hair style there character has for there other name.