Can someone help me with zooming a character while it is walking?

Hey guys! I want to code a zoom that will follow the character while it is walking, how can I do something like that?

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You can use a loop background and the character is doing the neutral walk animation + &zoom function?


Well here is what I use is…

&pan to zone x in s
@CHARACTER walks to spot x x in zone x
(x means numbers and s means the duration of time u want)

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If you’re having your character walk from 1 position to another:

You need to use & for one of the commands and @ for the second one so they both happen at the same time.
&zoom on X Y to #% in S
@CHAR walks to spot % X Y in S AND CHAR does it while walk_animation

*of course you replace X Y with coordinates, # is a number, and so is % X Y, and S (S is the time, in seconds) you replace walk_animation with one that exists and CHAR’s name would be yours. If you’re having a character walk to another zone, you can use & for the zoom and & for the pan and @ for the character walking (order doesn’t matter), the time for all them would be the same (ex. 4 as in 4 seconds). Careful when you’re zooming from one zone to another as the coordinate numbers are different.

A thread that will be of interest to you: 🌹 HOW TO: Pan + Zoom at the same time + Extra Material 🌹

Script commands:

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Thank you!

Thank you!!

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Thank you!!! It will help me a lot!

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