Can someone help me :)

Will some please tell me how to make it look like a guy/girl is checking someone out please?

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You mean like this? please don’t mind that they’re naked and whatnot my phone loves to restart them to the clothes they wear in the beginning

Umm I mean the coding and close up too
sorry bout that

Well it depends on how you want the scene to be like, mine included an art scene to indicate that he was checking her out

U can find animations in the art catalogue to represent that (:

& @Ryder14, if u haven’t already figured out already (U probably have figured out already but I’ll remind u anyway just because I have nothing else to do :joy:)…your computer will change outfit back to the default unless u command otherwise (:

They tend to be like when I make changes and update while I code. Yeah I know, but I view everything from my phone and have to restart the entire episode to get the closing in the scenes they’re supposed to be in :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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and meant the cam too
i’m so very sorry

You would zoom on the character

That’s true :joy:

@Nyx122901 = U go to camera and change the zoom / focus (:

how do i do that???

Let me show u, hang on a sec…let me get a screenshot (:

Here =

Click on where the yellow highlighter is but on your screen…

Excuse the scene going on, I’m in the middle of coding a scene (:

ok thank you

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Your welcome, do u need any help from there or can u do it? (:

Click on camera

Then zoom in to where you want it to be at

Then after you zoom in to your desired spot you would input what the zoom command says for example
@zoom on 130 40 to 230% in 1

thank you both

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Your welcome, let us know if u need any more help with anything (:


Your welcome, like @M_H_C_Episode said let us know if you need help, we’re happy to help out


You can use the think_neutral animation and zooming of camera form botton to top :smiley_cat:
Suppose this scenario…a boy is checking a girl out…
You should give the boy that think_neutral animation and for the gir, you need the camera to move from the girl’s bottom to top
Hope that helps…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
feel free to pm me if you want me to help you more :blush:

this comment has saved me a huge headache thanks

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