Can someone help me!

I can’t get him to be outside the drive thru

Try moving him to layer 1

How should I put it?

Instead of using @ALEX moves to layer 8 try @ALEX moves to layer 1

Here is how it looks now.

I’m guessing you’re using an overlay?


Wait, you didn’t say where he was standing

Like @ALEX stands screen center

Or you could change the overlay layer

So you would say

@ALEX moves to layer 1
@overlay DRIVE THRU to layer 0

Then you’d probably have to move the girl a little bit

He is right behind her

Refer to what I said above ^^


This is how it looks

Hi, what does your overlay say? (The numbers on the side)

I think you then move the girl to a different layer behind the overlay. So layer -1

it says moves to layer 1

No, I mean the coordinates for it : )

does not have any

Yes, it does : )