Can someone help smooth out this scene?

So the scene is when the character has been pulled into the book and lightning flashes knocking the MC into the ocean during a storm…

but when I go to make her swim up it glitches out-

deleted my script and story link for privacy reasons until I publish thankyou paris for the answer!!

Custom Backgrounds / Overlays

344354_preview Lightning

Crows nest
Ocean Water
unnamed Flippin Book
Magic PNG Magic



Let me know if you wish to be unadded from the tag list. <3


I’ll see if I can help, just gotta read your story.

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alrighty :slight_smile: the story is only currently 150 lines approximately at the moment
cause this is just the short part of it

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Try this:

&MC spot -0.322 110 672 in zone 2 AND MC is fall

@transition fade in white in 0.2

&MC walks to spot -0.322 103 332 in zone 2 in 1 and MC is fall AND MC faces left AND MC moves to layer 5

@zoom on 496 389 to 103% in 0.5

@pause for 3

&MC spot 1.181 185 -369 in zone 2

@MC walks to spot 1.208 193 121 in zone 2 in 1.5 AND MC is idle_treadwater_worried_loop AND MC faces left

@MC starts idle_treadwater_worried_loop

@pause for a beat

&MC spot 1.208 185 -171 in zone 2

@speechbubble reset

MC (cough)
(What the hell?!)

@MC spot 1.208 187 151 in zone 2

@speechbubble is 153 70 to 100% with tail_top_right

MC (idle_treadwater_sad_loop)
(Where am I?)

(Had to cut out the overlay commands just so I could preview it in my script)

oooh thankyou! but with the glitches I was referring to how when i play it- instead of swimming up to the surface of the water- she just teleports then talks? if that makes sense.

Hmm let me see :sweat_smile: My bad btw

It does? When I preview it she swims up, well it looks like she does, instead of just teleporting

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hmm ill repreview.

okay so now what its doing is she is moving up like I want her to but she isnt doing the animation she is just idling and going up farther than I spotted her too

(Also I am trying to preview my story in the app in the create page but it wont let me)

Here’s how mine looks:

oh okay so its just being weird in the previewer when I script it okay thats good to know THANKYOU!! :slight_smile:

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Damnb, hope that gets fixed, and you are welcome! :smiley:

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Where did you find the ship background? :heart_eyes:

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I just found it off google :slight_smile: And used to get the overlays

Would you like me to send the overlays + the ship alone so you can use them?

I honestly wanted to help when I first saw my tag but I just didn’t have the time to replicate the scene. :sob:
So, I’m glad you got help with this! :relaxed:

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Aww dont worry its okay you’ve already helped me out so much with this story and ive barely even hit 200 lines! you’ve been an incredible help :smiley:

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Yes please lovely :heart:

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344354_preview Lightning
Boat OVERLAY (You will need to line it up with the boat in the background but its there incase you want to have people on the ship, same with the crows nest)

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