Can someone help with characters and overlays?

Hi guys, can anyone help me with overlays? I keep trying to bring one of my characters in front of the overlay and one in the back of the overlay but I can’t figure out how it works, and I cant find anything on these forums that is helpful, or I just haven’t looked enough. Can anyone help?

I think you need to use “layering” for that effect
Like using: at layer 0 / @character moves to layer 2 / @overlay moves to layer 1

Remember using the @ command the action won’t take place until it reaches that line
Use the & or and that might work as well

You might have to pair the @ moves to layer command with the moving character
Ex: @character walks to spot ***** at layer ***
Or @character walks to spot ***** and character moves to layer ***

I’m new to some of this as well, hopefully this helps :heart: :melting_face:

Try this…

@CHARACTER1 moves to layer -1
@OVERLAYNAME moves to layer 0
@CHARACTER2 moves to layer 1

  • Character1 is behind the overlay

I’m not sure who’s walking into the scene but you can use these layers for what Mirwen said above!

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Thank you! Ill try it out asap!

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Thank you! Ill try it out

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