Can someone help with overlays?


I’m trying to upload my own overlays, but every time I attempt to, it either says Your overlay must be under IMB. Yours was 1.549MB. Or Image must be png. Yours was jpeg. Can someone help?


I’ve had this problem too with Jpeg. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to change the format into a png and was forced to find another.
As for the size, you should be able to resize it in your computer to be under 1MB.
If you can’t figure it out, send me the pic and I can try and resize it for you?
Sorry I’m not more helpful but good luck! :sweat:


You could try piZap to make it png. And I am pretty sure you can resize it there as well :slight_smile:


@A.V and @SilkHydra thank you so much! I did get piZap but how would you switch from jpeg png? (I’m DONT really know what either mean :sweat_smile:


I can try


There are multiple online services for converting pics from one format to another + shrinking them in weight. Just google a bit and I am sure you will find a solution. Alternatively, use photoshop to change the file type and toggle its weight.


In pizap, when you are about to save it there is an option where you can choose if it will be png or other formats :slight_smile:


@A.V That option doesn’t show up for me…


@brvnda Thank you so much for your concern! I actually went online and found some sort of switcher thingy that changes it to what I need! But thanks!


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: