Can someone help with script template pleaseee

I rly need help with this EXT supermarket to be VERY BUSY pls?


And the inside to be busy as well


Don´t worry i have the overlays and please make a spot for mc

(no stealing background)
TY :grin: :grin:


I just wanted to give you a polite hint on how to request things like this, because I’ve been around a good few years on here and see how these things usually go. This is by no means an attack and literally just a helpful pointer :slight_smile:

You may find that people are more willing to help you if you phrase your post better. People including myself tend to click off the second we see ‘requests’ worded in such as way that is e.g. ‘I need someone to make this look busy’ as you have said.

I think you’re likely to find more people willing to help if you rephrase your post as something like: would it be possible if anybody could help me make these scenes look busy, please? Or does anybody have a template for something like this that I could use? Then when writing how you would like things to look, you can phrase it such as: I would preferably like it to look this way, if possible. I would really appreciate your help.

A lot of writers dont have templates to obscure backgrounds such as this one which arent widely used, so if you are asking for a writer to spend time creating a template just for you, it takes time. So just remember that if somebody is taking time to do something for you, you may want to write your post in a way that is both more polite and expresses appreciation for those who read :slight_smile:

Ps. I am in by no means saying you are being impolite, I am just making an observation. We all like to be buttered up! :joy:


Okay i was just typing fast and desperate for a script template

I’m not saying it was particularly impolite, I’m just speaking from experience :slight_smile:


What coding experience do you have? As you will probably be able to spot direct the scene faster than you would get a response with a template?


I’m Ok at Script templates but not good Cause the Characters are always floating and I’m not rly creative when it comes to Script Templates

I understand. Are you spot directing on the web preview or on the app? I find spot directing on the web portal easier. Its really simple once you know how, there are loads of templates and resources to help you.

You should check out Dara Amarie’s website. She has absolutely everything you need to know on there :slight_smile:

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I have a grocery store script template, but it’s just with different backgrounds. If all else fails, here is a preview and the coding and all that is in the bio for my insta

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I agree, as someone who takes paid requests for script templates, it’s nice to have the other person still remain respectful lol (not that she wasn’t, but as a general rule)


If u still need a template, I can do one for u free of charge (:

Just fill this form = Untitled form - Google Forms

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Thanks! but It says ''You can’t respond to Spot Template Request Form! because you don’t have permission to share documents with the form owner. ‘’ :thinking:

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I am the owner :joy: Let me try sort that (:

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I know i was just saying what it says lol and ok :smile:

Yeah that’s fine :joy:, try that…let me know if it still doesn’t work so I can just send u the questions (:

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Still the same

Okie, let me send u the questions instead (:

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Okay :blush:

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