Can Someone Help,

My story is moving a little to fast, can someone tell me how I can slow it down.

If you need details comment below


what do you mean?

You could try adding @pause for a beat in between some dialogues, not only to make it slow down, but also to add a dramatic pause!


Yes you could add more beats like Lunar_Rose said, and you can also add more details. The best idea though is adding beats to it.

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If you mean plot, I suggest ‘filler scenes’ or ‘fluff scenes’ or ‘obstacles’ that don’t really progress the story and help with character development.

Example - Obstacles / Fluff Scene

Like, maybe two girls are going to a party. Instead of having them meet each other at the party, the MC goes to pick her best friend up. If I was writing this scene, I’d have the two of them talk about something that relates to their personalities. Maybe the MC is overprotective and is telling her friend to get her own drinks, don’t walk outside alone and check their phone every 30 minutes. Maybe the best friend assures the MC that they will be fine, nothing will go wrong, nothing has gone wrong at every other party.

By adding an extra scene or so, the reader has learned. A) The MC is over protective B) Best Friend is Casual. C) MC is still unsure about parties though has been to many. D) They go to parties alot.

(I posted something similar here which has better description of what I mean)


Thank You Very Much

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No problem :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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