Can someone just please help me with this issue?

Here is the code.

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remove “at”

where, for the overlays?

on line 13.

  1. @LEA stands screen right AND KAREN stands screen left
  1. @overlay INTRO opacity 1 in 0

  2. remove:
    @overlay INTRO create (because u already have the overlay with the background)

ok ill try

A few suggestions so this flows better, if you want them.
Use the & symbol in place of @ in certain places.
Place characters BEFORE transitions, so they don’t pop up out of nowhere.
Add character facing directions into one code.
Give idle animations when characters are done speaking.
I’d personally speed up your zooms but your decision.

&overlay [insert code] in zone 1
&overlay [insert code]
@transition fade out black in 3

&LEA stands screen right AND LEA faces right AND KAREN stands screen left AND KAREN faces left
@transition fade in black in 3

KAREN (talk_agree_ happy)
Are you ready to move to your new apartment and start college?

&KAREN is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
@pause for a beat
@zoom on KAREN to 165 in 2

This is your mother, Karen. PLease customize her.

&zoom reset

LEA (talk_agree_happy)
Yes! I’m so happy to be leaving.

&LEA is idle_happy_loop
@pause for a beat

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didn’t work

Are you still having the overlay error ?
I can see that you used “overlay” in complete capital letters
It should be all lower case
@overlay and then full capitals of your overlay name and then “create” in lower case

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create

@CHARACTER stands screen right

Don’t include “at”

You’re missing opacity of the overlay code
After it’s created
&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0


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Npp :smile: :hugs:

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