Can someone Kindly tell me the apps you use to make covers , backgrounds ,drawing tips , edits overlays,Art scenes and more and a guide to how you do it( Only if you want but it would be very helpful to me and others)


I realized that a lot of people need help( Including Me ) with covers , backgrounds , making overlays , art scenes so I decided to make a post for that. I know that this post isn’t unique but I hope it will reach out to people and help them so any body that knows how to do covers , backgrounds, edits etc or more. Please may you write down a tutorial for how to do it and what app you use.
Thank you so much :blush:


I use ibis x paint lol


Thank you and I realized alot of people use that too


What do you specialize in ?






Im writing to u


Yeah I know but what do you mean in what do I specialize in


Do you do cover art , edits etc


Oh lol I do somewhat that, I like coloring outlines lol (idk if coloring is right to say lol)


Covers and splashes
Im still learning how to do edits and stuff


Kool can I see one :slightly_smiling_face:


Sre If I have pictures but I dont blame you if you think they are ugly


Hahah it’s cool lol


ibisX is a good app for phones and tablets. Pixlr is a good free one for computers.






Girl I said one but they look good for your start


Sorry I got carried away


:sweat_smile: it’s cool