Can someone Kindly tell me the apps you use to make covers , backgrounds ,drawing tips , edits overlays,Art scenes and more and a guide to how you do it( Only if you want but it would be very helpful to me and others)






I use for my work, I do splashes with or without characters, banners, overlays from imagines and background edits.


I love to use PicsArt! It really helps!


For those who clicked on the link, is not a site, is actually the name of the application.


I do edits…I am just learning right now though. I usually do outline contest to get a hang of how to make them more realistic or more better…Some turns out pretty good and some are not so good…
I use Ibis Paint X.
AND for making overlays and doing background edits I use Photoshop.


THank you for the info


No problem!


I use ibis paint x and I think it’s the best app for it x


I use Ibis Paint x (free) and also Superimpose x (not free). I use Phonto for fonts (free).
Ibis paint I use for edits- characters, backgrounds etc.
Superimpose I use for covers and splashes- I find it easier to erase things using superimpose and it’s easy to create nice shadows and stuff. I might edit things on ibis first, then move them to superimpose to be “finished off”. (Note: Superimpose X is better than Superimpose as you can add layers.)
I occasionally use Photofox (free) for light effects.


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I use

  • Ibis paint X (Free on phone)
  • Phonto (Free)
  • Urban Fonts (For downloading fonts)