Can someone link me a shower background that is 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall


ive searched up shower and some pretty inappropriate came up and i can’t find any mages suitable for the size requirements.


Episode.Uwe has a drive filled with BGs - I am not sure if this person consents to reposting so I am going to tell you how to access the drive.

So google episode.uwe linktree

There is a link to backgrounds

Go on the drive and you will find interiors & there is a tab saying bathrooms, you’ll find a shower BG and please make sure to credit episode.uwe


Maybe you could find one that resembles the background you’re looking for then resize it.


I can resize this one for you if you like it.



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Or you could use this one and put the raining effect on it. :slight_smile:


I’ll try :slight_smile:




thanks for the offer :slight_smile: but im looking for something like this but in the correct size. 8a4dc3587ef431d65c00ccbcf65576f1c2b844f1_1_281x500|281x500 But for it to be in the correct size xx


I can’t resize it the website won’t load :roll_eyes:


The picture doesn’t show. I can help with the resizing.


yes please xx ill try link the photo again 8a4dc3587ef431d65c00ccbcf65576f1c2b844f1_1_281x500


Do you want me to?


i don’t mind :slight_smile:


Here you go:


sksksksks thank you! :slight_smile:


Do you mind re sizing this image too… :thinking::joy:


How many panels?


3 please xx