Can someone make a art scene for me

Please anyone who can make me art scene I really want a art scene
If you can let me know
I want in limelight version
Thanks :blush:
If you can’t suggest me some one

I will give credit where ever you want me to give :heart::heart:

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I want art scene if you can make please help me
• I want a werewolf
• character of my story

If you can make any one from 2 pls let me know
Have a nice day


Hi can I help u?

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Yeah of course

Which one can you make

Can u just explain to me what u want pls? :slight_smile:

I want wolf one and I can send you screen shot

U want me to create a wolf character?

U can take screen shot

Yeah if you can

This one

Like a real character in episode? Or like a overlay character?

The image is for what? :slight_smile:

I want art scene of that picture if you can do

I can try and for the character is it a real character or a overlay character?

You can decide

Well he is a love interest but he is a werewolf

Ok but I need to know if I need to create a werewolf or it’s a real character??..


Do I need to create one or not?! Is it a real character or not?