Can someone make a background + overlay for me? (UPDATED)


I’m looking for someone to make background & overlay for me. For the first one I would like a royal hallway with doors to rooms. For the other one, I need a desert, and a cliff. I also need overlay’s of a sword and fire powers.
Reply if you’re interested!


well not that I can help you with that, but what do you mean by an intro? I’m kinda new to the whole episode writing thing haha :slight_smile:


You know the moving intro’s with pictures and covers at the start of the episode that say for example: “This story uses sound” or just state the title of the story, I’m looking for something like that.:upside_down_face:


Here are some backgrounds and overlays. Let me know if these don’t work and you would like another one. I would also be happy to help you with any splashes or any more backgrounds you may need!


Thank you so much! I’ll try them out to see if they work.


Hi again,
I really liked the first arena, but it wasn’t large enough to be considered as a background. Is it possible that you can create another one?


My bad! I got the dimension mixed up. Here’s the correct size.


It works! Thanks!


No problem, let me know if you ever need anything else! :grin: