Can someone make a bricked wall and a white garage door for my bg?

So, I keep bugging lol I’m sorry. But, I was wondering if someone could make me a a dark brick wall and white garage door with windows on the garage door its to reassemble this background. I have a reference

Anyone? :pensive:

So you want the wall on the first photo to be replaced with dark brick?

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Yep :blush:

Let me see if I can whip something up for you

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Oki thxs!:blush::heart:

Do you need day and night or just day?

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Day n nite please :sparkling_heart:

For the night one, would you like lights coming out of the windows of the garage?

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Yes please

Here ya go! Do you want anything changed?

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Nope! Everything is perfect thank chu! Could you possibly make them a three size panel so I could upload it please if not its okay :blush:

Sorry, forgot to resize it! I can try making it three panels, but it might stretch out the image…

I got it to be three panels, but I think it looks better as two.


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Lol ty! :blush:

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Oops, I accidentally saved the day one as the night one in my drive and vise versa.