Can someone make a cover for a story I am writing?

My story is about a girl who is from a different planet that can do magic.
I was hoping you could make the main character (The girl…Jem) do the “talk sad clutch” animation with maybe like a light coming out of her hands, while the love interest has his arms wrapped around her.

I sorry, I’m really bad at explaining.

I can send you pictures of the characters if you want.

You can request here if you want to

Thank you. I’ll check it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of course! No problem :slight_smile:

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Sorry, what does she look like?

Idk if you have anyone yet but heck out my thread.:heart:
The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop. Thanks.:grin:

Sorry for such a late reply. I went to sleep because it was getting late here.
But, I can send you the pictures of the characters.

These are the characters :slightly_smiling_face::

The Girl (Jem)

The Boy (Ace)

Ok perfect, I’ll get started on them right away! What type of background would you like? Or would you just like me to make the characters?

Thank you. :blush:
For the background you could use any, but could you make it a bit mysterious, like maybe a dark background.

Ok no problem!

Hey, sorry, but I’m planning to make the magic surround her hands, like a warm glow, is that alright? Also, could you describe the magic? Like, what colour, is it dim, is it bright? Is it a hard, solid shape or like wisps of smoke?

Hey, yeah that’s cool.
Umm, could the colour be purple.
Dim or bright? Anything that looks good.
And could it be like smoke, but if that doesn’t really work you could make it anything you think looks good. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s perfect :slight_smile: I’ve got the characters, right now I’m working on making it so Ace’s arm is around Jem :slight_smile: They honestly look so cute together I just can’t. <3

That’s great. Thanks again for doing this.

No problem! :slight_smile:

Are any of these backgrounds ok?

Yeah, I really like the 2nd and 3rd ones.
Anyone of them are fine.

Ok I’ll do the second one, It’s more magic-y(is that a word? XD)

Ha ha, idk.