Can someone make a cover for my story? (for free, giving credits ofc)

I’m looking for someone to make me a cover, I’ll give credits
So if you’re interested drop some of your work below, can be both edited and drawn

Defo try check out some art shops.

Hey I’d love to! I don’t have any current completed examples, but I would love to practice! It would be edited since I suck at art lol

Here’s a picture of one I started without characters and stuff. You 100% don’t have to use it if you end up not liking it (:!

I think I want it from you, If I saw a cover like that I would probably tap on it. It looks very catchy (and it is something i was looking for)

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Okay cool! You can send me a pm or reply with

main colors:
character details:
author name:
other details: