Can someone make a cover for my story pls//

I am writing a story and I’m looking for someone who could create a cover for my story. I hope that someone could help me for free. I will write the details later when someone might be interested.

Thank you x

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I can’t draw anything for you, but I would suggest to check out Lilac’s Art Shop 2.0 :purple_heart:

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I can help you! @AmbarStories

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do you take requests?


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pm me please

You can pm here is the form :blush:
Forum Name :
Story Name :
Author Name :
Main Genre of your story :
Short description about your story :
Covers :
Examples :
Small/Large/Both :
Characters for the covers doing the pose you want them to do. :
Background you want for the cover! :
Any other necessary information. :

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Okay thank u!

Thanks! But I found someone else already!

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Thank you for your proposition. But I got someone else doing it already!