Can someone make a cover for our story?

So we are making a story and need an artist, can someone help us? You will get credit for your work. We would love it if someone can help us and would be much appreciated! It’s our first story together so we want it to be appealing to our readers so we need help!

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I can

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OMG! thanks! can you do our cover?


body- neutral 02
brow- arched natural (black dark)
hair- long wavy blowout (rose gold)
eyes- female generic (blue deep)
face- square defined
nose- defined natural
lips- full round pouty (pink beige gloss)

body- copper 02
brow- straight medium (black jet)
hair-medium side curls (blackdark)
eyes-deepest downturned (violet)
face- chiseled angular
nose- male generic
lips- full heart natural (beige gold matte)

background doesnt matter
have alaina crash into deriks arms kinda pose
title- Running into Mr Alfonsi

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Okay I’ll get started on it.

Thank you so much!

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You welcome