Can someone make a cover (Ink)


Eyebrows- mature round
Hair-diva curls
Hair color-black
Eyes-upturned feline
Eye color-blue
Face shape-diamond
Lips-blossom lips
Outfit-black biker jacket, black leather leggings, pink tank racer back, black beach day skater shoes
Story name-him and I (not related to halseys song)
Thank you if you so this


This is ink not LL :joy: I’m sorry if I got the examples wrong


It’s ok


See my style in @stellamacchia_episode and tell if you like it. And If you do I’ll make you a cover


Sorry what do I do with the email or whatever it is
I am such a beginner :frowning:


that’s my Instagram, so you can see how I edit/make art/covers


Thank you




I love everything
I would like if you made me one


ok, which style?


If you need this for reference :slight_smile:




Do you want a cover for a story or an edit?:thinking:


A cover for my story


And what else should be in the cover? (like what background, etc…)


I would like the character to be in the city on the street, flirt_point and that’s it


realistic theme or just ink?




Like the last post I uploaded?


Perfect :slight_smile: