Can someone make a few of my special art scenes please?

Here is what I want for my cover. Hope this is enough info.

large cover
black wavy hair
Almond ocean blue eyes
Fair bisque light skin
Full wide soft pink lips
Straight eyebrows
Soft shaped face
Black leather jacket leather pants with a small belt holding a knife on the left side of the pants
Long black boots
A black tank top
-Black background with white glow around the female
Female legs sperated a little bit
Hands on the side of the hips little bit seperated
Right hand holding gun
A raven bird on top of the female’s left shoulder
Both bird and female looking straight
Female’s face serious.

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okay ill try doing that for you :slight_smile:

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i just want you to show me how the girl looks

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and second thing is your story ink or LL

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I think its LL

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can you please send me a picture of the girl?

?? She’s not my character

what is it then? can you please explane more

I was just sayint that its LL because of the eyes and hair you can tell