Can someone make a ‘follow my instagram’ splash for me

I need a splash for my story I’ll send my details and a picture of my character however it’s not the clothing I’d like on my character in the picture please and thank you (:
This isn’t what I want to wear it’s just the clearest image I have I’d rather wear a crop top and some jeans and be doing this :v:t2: My deets
Straight blonde hair
Upturned bold white eyes
Soft natural nose
Classic ruby red lips
Oval face light skin
Defined natural eye brows
And my instagram is @Fae_the_author please don’t just send a message sending me to yours or another art/ edit feed (: please and thank you


If you want a splash then please request it in the thread we make splashes and covers. You can see our examples. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I can make you a splash but I am not that advanced to make that sign, here are some examples of my art

Hmmm I don’t mind as much about the sign but if you’re willing to do it I’ll take it I love your work (:

I’ll try! Probably by Saturday your splash will be ready, if not any sooner

Thank you

The animation you want it to be? Should I choose?

It’s up to you (:

Also do you want it to be the yellowish blonde or something more natural? (the hair, i mean)

Ready :slight_smile:
Please give credit if you use.

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That’s amazing! :heart::heart:

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