Can someone make a large and small art cover for my story?

If you know how to make a great cover please contact me. I will give you credit in my episode and promote your work!

If you don’t mind waiting, check out The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop! We’ll try to get to you as soon as possible.

hello ! im the Vice President of team episode. our members would love to help you with your covers. here are some of our examples :

a few covers done by teamepisode

image image


do check out our thread for more examples! ==> Team Episode's Art Shop

we have many artists that are able to get your request done according to your likings. feel free to make your request on our thread and we’ll get back to you after we’ve found any of the members that is willing to help. thank you and have a nice day :yellow_heart:

~ Sophbee

I need a small and large cover if someone would be so kind to help me out with that!

sure thing! just head over our thread and drop your request there :yellow_heart:

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thank you