Can someone make a profile pic for me?

Hey can anyone make a profile pic for me? I could send a photo of my character and you could you know… Do your thing or whatever to make it look all nice and stuff! That would be great thanks xx :kissing_heart:

My character:


The pose:



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I can try
Not gonna promise it’ll work but I can try my best

How do you like this for a basic outline? I’ll colour it in and clean it up if you like it or change it if not. Ignore the giant watermark :joy:



great job on that I’m still working on my outline

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:ok_hand: even if mine turns out trash and the OP uses yours, it’s good practise for me :joy:

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yeah same

Here’s mine: image
Hope it’s okay, I know it’s rough

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If you are still looking for one you could check here the examples here Seasons Artistry; Art Shop With Art Scenes and Limb Overlays

Aw thank you xx

Hey I just requested xx thanks

Hey, I could also try if you want

Haha yeah I just requested you on @Spade.02 thing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ooooo right :joy::joy:

Hey @ZaraJade05 I’m not sure if you still needed one, but here.


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I left the background transparent so you can add one in if you want to. Let me know if you want to use it or not as soon as you can please :blush: I may give it to someone else if not.

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hey thank you so much but just got one. I really like it though and anyone would be lucky to have it. hanks again xx

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