Can someone make a special art scene?


For my story “Unknown Past”, I need a scene where both of my characters are kissing. It’s only one scene, you can DM me on Instagram for your edits! In exchange, I would love to read one of your stories and give fanmail! Thank you!


Are you looking for realistic art? Or episode character drawn art? Because I can draw episode characters but not super realistically. I can show examples if you want.


Yes, can you show examples here?


I have three styles.

This is style 1

This is style 2

This is style 3

(Btw any art style can be done with any episode character style.)


Episode harmony can


Was that meant to be a reply to me?


Yes, that was :joy: I was confused for a second. Like I thought you changed your profile picture for a minute




No problem :joy:. Let me know the characters details and a little more of a description of what you were thinking of. (aka, positions, background, any special effects, etc.)


Type: Limelight
Background: In the forest

And I want Katana (girl with black hair) to be invisible, you see her only a little. And they’re kissing.


The background would be at a forest with a lots and lots of trees!


Could you type out the details? (If not that’s okay but that’ll be easier.) And when you say “And I want Katana (girl with black hair) to be invisible, you see her only a little” what do you mean? Do you mean she’s a little transparent? Also you said third style right?


Yes, I want Katana to be a little transparent. And yea, third style. For details, Kiss

If you can make them kiss side by side, that’ll be fine.


Okay, it’ll take up to a week unless something comes up in which case I’ll let you know but it should take at most a week. :slight_smile:


Okay, that’s fine! Take your time. And also, tell me the name of your story so I could read it.


It’s currently being revamped so you can’t read it right now but it’s called The Ex and I’ll let you know when it’s ready to be read.


Could you type out the character details for me?


Actually, nevermind I should be okay.


@Sayanjali_Rizvi thought I’d let you know I should have the scene to you by tomorrow afternoon (my time AEST). :smile:


Okay thank you so much!