Can someone make a splash for my story?


Hey, I would really appreciate if someone made me a splash for my story. I want the splash to say “Turn up your volume, this story contains sound” if anyone can do this. That would be great. Thanks


I’m new to this term ‘splash’ and I am not sure what it is.
If you’ll explain the term to me in greater detail, I can give it a go.

~ Ella


I would be happy to help you :laughing: what would you like ?


Hi I can here’s my examples!


A splash is something you might e seen in stories like this story uses mature themes or turn your volume up!


These look great! I would for u to help! :slight_smile:


Ok cool! Just send me the details!


Hey could I do 1 one splash if possible


I want it to be a turn up your volume splash with these looking characters



ill see if there is anymore needed :slight_smile:


Episode harmony can send the details here please