Can someone make a template for me?


I was wondering if anyone can make me a template (or already have one) of EXT. CAMPUS ENTRANCE - DAY and INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY LOCKERS - DAY (having people walking in the background)

It would be much appreciated! :grin:

I will credit in my story!


I can make you a template for the INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY LOCKERS ! I’ll pm you! :slight_smile:


Hi could you also make me a template for people dancing in this background please across all zones :blush:



Sure! I’ll pm you when I’m done! :slight_smile:


Thank you


Just to confirm though, I’ll only be doing the templates with INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY LOCKERS and the INT. NIGHTCLUB BAR - NIGHT backgrounds. Are you cool with that?


That’s fine


I’m sorry!! Me again! Last question! Is it in INK or Limelight?


Oh sorry I’m always forgetting the most important detail :joy: INK please


Okay! Thank you! I’m getting them done now!


Thank you! Mines in Limelight!


Thank you for letting me know!


@ash_writes @NICOLE94 Do you want me to put your characters in the templates?


It’s okay I can edit them in :blush: