Can someone make a templateee for me?

Hi! I need a template for this background…


I just want some people standing next to eachother like talking and stuff and some people just taking drinks. If you would maybe make a template for me with that background and people doing that I would realllyyyyy appreciate ittt! :slight_smile:

I have a templet in my drive

yess but it isn’t what I am quite looking for, and your template needs overlays, I’m not really a fan of background overlays, but I really appreciate you taking to respond! thank you!

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This website has a script template, but the background is different so Idk if you’re willing to use this one :sweat_smile:

No, but thank you, really (:.
I’ll keep looking

a bit weird opinion to have, but to each their own.

is it because you cant figure out overlays, or do you just dont like them?

I like them, I just hate having to place those background overlays it’s just so annoying, but I figured it out long time ago, It’s just annoying

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okay, its for a templet though so you wouldnt have to place it at all, its already placed.

but its up to after all its your story