Can someone make a video edit for me?


It is for instagram without those 2 black stripes at the side and not upside down and to wilde with the song
“Vaults: one last night” with the big instagram pictures, just tell me what the max off the pictures is i will be so happy xxx


the insta picture size is 1080x1080…umm…i think i can make you one but you will have to provide me with details first


What sort of details I just explained it … small long pictures like they are in episode without the two black bares at each side with photo’s of my story but not to heavy with upside down effects and stuff simple and music.
just simple they may flow into each other xxx


i mean send me the videos you want me to edit for you


that will not be for now, i have to make my last chapters first.
i will not your name when it is ready i send them on e-mail can i have that please, you can do me a PM xxx