Can someone make an episode cover for my story?

Can anyone make me a cover for my story ? If you can just DM ME and I’ll give you all the info and the characters I want on it :slight_smile: thank you

I can but it would be due next week is that ok?

That’s completely fine !

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I can do one now, as long as you can send me pics of the characters and poses

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What’s the title and bg?

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Title:Mated to you
And the bg doesn’t matter to me, I just want like a dark background

Small, large or both?

And could you flip the guy?



I’ll post it tomorrow

The large cover :slight_smile:

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it’s not for me btw ( you replied to me.) I just flipped it

This is my first time on the episode forum. I’m not sure how to ask my own question but I do have one regarding episode covers. does anyone have any good suggestions for editing apps that are good for making acceptable covers? I made one using pic collage but im worried episode will reject it or there will be copyright issues! Thanks!

I use

Thank you so much! I will definitely check that website out!

No problem! :blush:

hey, im an artist and i think i can do a pretty amazing cover for a nice price, im trying to adventure myself into making episode covers but what i have been doing recently is making songs and album covers and doing comissions for digital and rl art, visit my account @casuav on instagram, there u can see some of my art. its next level art so i hope you consider me :slight_smile: i might even make a good deal with you for a cover.

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Your cover should be done soon :blush:

I’m already doing it.

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