Can someone make an overlay of this background?

Can someone make an overlay of these bars so that I can make the character stand behind them?

And I need one of the chairs only

thank you xxx

hope you ca use it

I can do this. Although sometimes when i upload them they dont upload transparent. I think i can fix it thoughx

you need to save them as a png

these are not cover requests i make my own covers & splashes and for a lot of people … i want an overlay i don’t know why you post this there is not even info our examples in it x

Ah thats probably why then, thank you so much

np dear x

Ooh i am sorry i thought it was a request because you wrote
“And I need one of the chairs only”
it just seemed like a request


I am hoping it has sent as a png as i uploaded it as one :grimacing:

Yes it is perfect thank you xxx

These are overlay requests not covers lol

Ooh no i have forgotten to add that to my thread i also do those

Im just doing the cell one now

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can you make just tree and put the back of any person on it that you just see the half of the head?


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Would you be able to draw up an idea of what you mean. Sorry I don’t understand x

like there are people sitting there, the back of IG characters. I cant place them x