Can someone make art scenes for my story?

So I’m writing a story and I need a picture for the cover and the outro. I can add text though. My story is limelight and I’ll put pictures of the characters in the thread.

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Hey I could help!

I have all my examples on there.

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Ok thank you very much! I will send the details will this response.

Limelight drawing

Full body

I can put the text and titles on the drawings.

Female Character:
Skin tone: Copper 3
Brows: Arched Natural Scar / Chestnut Brown
Hair: Messy Sock Bun / Purple
Eyes: Female Generic / Violet
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Round Pouty / Rose Light Nude Matte

Male Character:
Skin Tone: Copper 4
Brows: Straight Medium Scar / Black Dark
Hair: Messy Undercut / Black Dark
Eyes: Deepest Downturned Lidded / Ice Blue
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Straight Pointed
Lips: Medium Heart / Rose Light Nude Matte

Pose: Kind of like Ora’s covers (I’ll put one in), something like that. The male should have be holding the female, like with his arm around her.


Background: The dark alleyway, in the picture it is day time though, it can be blurred or not. I’ll put the image below.

The outfits are shown in the character pictures.

Password: Hope

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Alright, thank you! I’ll get started when I get the chance (maybe tonight or tomorrow)

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Here you go!

I’m sorry this took a while :sweat_smile: I was very caught up with school and all.
I won’t be able to make many major changes, but if you’d like something tweaked I can try my best.

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The time was fine, thank you.

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