Can someone make me a arm overlay?


I need an arm overlay for my story. Would anyone like to help?


I will. What skin color, male or female?


Episode harmony can


What kind do you want


Isn’t @episode.harmony closed currently?


Yeah but not for me


Can you do limelight?




For this one, I want both arms to cross eachother to look like they’re hugging someone.


Ok thank you


Can you also do the same thing for this one too?




Hey, I don’t wanna rush or anything but have you made the arm overlays yet?


Nevermind, I don’t want an overlay. I can make it myself.


I think epy_raven is taking a break from all the drama! :grin:


Yea, I’ve seen the drama from her topics and it’s crazy! So I’m deciding to do it myself so I won’t stress her out. Other artists are having stress too so I don’t wanna ask anyone. :slight_smile: But thank you for telling me.