Can Someone make me a background for my animated overlays

Like I want just a edit of characters so I can have my title fall down onto it. sorry if I confused y’all.

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I can help

My life saver :blue_heart:

Okay basically I want the girl leg to be wrapped around the guy if u can. If u can’t just do another pose luv.

And the boy:
Boy Details

  • Boy: Love interest:
  • Skin: taupe
  • Eyes:blue; stoic Almond
  • Mouth:uneven;taupe
  • Eye brows: thick arch
  • Nose: Button
  • Hair: light blue;short cropped hair
  • Head shape:Defined triangle
    Boy: black sleeveless tee; black ripped jeans; black hipster high top sneakers.

Everything the same like last time just different pose and no title

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