Can someone make me a background?

Can you put PineHill High School where it says “North Shore High School”

and like put a sign at front where it says PineHill too.

Thank you!

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Episode harmony can

Really! Thanks.

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You can?

I would really appreciate it.

Ok love. Take your time.

I’m sorry I’m not doing it cause I don’t want my art wasted

Um…Okie. Thanks tho?

I’m with @bossyroxy411 don’t forget to credit @AmazementArtShop!


Oh ok.


Does anyone here know how to make a kissing art scene? :confused:

Do you have examples that I can see? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, what?

they arent kissing scenes

they are different scenes

Can I see them?

@bossyroxy411 can u send them?