Can someone make me a boy riding on a motorcycle?



I need someone to help me or tell me how to make a boy on a motorcycle I tried but failed sadly.


The boy has a specific apperance? Or is it random?
LL or INK?
Any specific size or resolution?


You have insta?
Also the boy has a certain appearance also INK.


Not for episode use, anyway

Do you have the character planned out?


if so, send it to me


Yep, I already started writing to. This is a last minute thing for me
I will send you a pic.


Thank you, will he be completely sideways or 3/4 position (like the default)?


Default, also do you need the character picture of the set-up with the features of the character?


Yes, please.



Thank you, I’ll try to reply as soon as I can!


Take your time.


helmet or not?




ok, thanks.


Thanks? No thank your for doing this if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have this :slight_smile:


No problem :+1:


Also are you writing to if you don’t mind me asking?


I’m learning how to properly code first, but I’m thinking about it


Do you think this Motorcycle is ok? Change the color?

I’ll try to adapt it to the INK style