Can someone make me a character card?

hey just wondering if somebody could make me a character card for free
you would be the biggest help ever

what i would like in it please
  1. my character details
  2. my character outfit
  3. my character body type

thanks xo

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I can do it💞

thank you so much i will send you over my character details and stuff


skin tone- rose 4
eyebrows- arched natural scar
eyebrow colour- deep brown
eyes- deepset downturned
eye colour- brown dark
face shape-diamond
lips- full round pouty
nose- defined natural
hair- messy sock bun
hair colour- dark brown
body shape- female athletic body


Okay I’ll do it right but any background preference?

hmm do you have any examples???

Yes I have an example that I did for an ink character

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ooo yasss i love that background!!
again tysm for doing this for me ur a gem x

So u want the same background? Or you want something else? And also any name?

the same background is cool and the name is Mia

Okay I’ll do it now!

thank you sooo sooo much!!

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U forgot to put the lip color💞

oop sorry i had a feeling i forgot something
its Rose Matte


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Wait which one! because there’s a lot of them


hey i wont be on for the rest of today or tomorrow so dont worry if i dont reply
ill be going now but ill be back on monday x