Can someone make me a cover art?(CLOSED)

I need a cover art, would anyone mind making me one

Sure, how do u want it to be? send me some details :hugs:

I can help you! @NuinesEpisode
Request here. :point_down:t4::point_down:t4:
Cindy’s Art Shop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Tilly.A, I want it to say An Unexpected Love Story
I want these characters to be on it
Can the characters face each other
Size: 420 by 580

So, how do u want the background to be.
Is it a romance story , an action story or sth else?

And u want a small cover which is: 420x580

It is romance story.
I am not really sure what I want the background to be, just do whatever you think looks good
yes i want a small cover



If there is anything u want me to edit from or to the background, feel free to reply :hugs:

They are fine, the way they are. Thankyou so much, they are great:

Yw :blush: glad u like them