Can someone make me a cover art please!?

Hi, can someone please make me a cover art. I would do it myself but I’m already filled with 3 requests which will take me longer that expected. It’s an ink story.

In the large cover I would like the the main character standing back to back with a guy while they both are holding guns, but I want them linking arms at the same time. (So one arm liked and hold a gun.) On a scenery of your choice, but please link to the theme.

In the small cover I want the main character’s upper body, like face and a bit below the shoulders. I want the MC’s finger separating her face in half but it looks like that they are in motion. I know it sound wierd and awkward I’ll attach a pic below what I kind of mean. So basically I want half of her face showing the sweet and innocent her, Like beach wave hair and a true smile. The other side should show her sinister side, like fishtail braid and barker clothing etc.

Sorry for the picture couldn’t think of a better example and my sister gave me this. Please now you know what I mean, make it less slanted and eyes opened. :sweat_smile:

MC-The girl-Large cover

Outfit- large cover:

The guy- Large cover

outfit-Large cover:


For the small cover the girl stays the same but the hair style changes. When she’s on the ‘more sinister side’ she has fishtail braid when on ‘the good side’ she has beach wave.

Her outfit stays the same too but half of it changes into:

So yeah pink for good black for bad :sweat_smile: I know it’s confusing and complicated but I actually hope someone who does really good covers will help me out on this. Thank you Xx

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Me and @Miss_Moonlight can make you a cover

Really?! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Your welcome

Do you have the background

Yes it’s this:

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so all the character on this side


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okay thanks

do you want the background to come tommorow

on monday

I don’t mind, i’d prefer yes but take your time if you need

okay thanks

What is the story name

It’s : My Sister’s Babysitter

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did you get the cover

No I didn’t

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I’m gonna pm My partener to see if see done with it

Ok, thank you

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